10 amazing facts about luggage

10 amazing facts about luggage

Whether you’re boarding a long journey train or airplane to attend an overseas meet, you definitely have luggage with you. Depending on the amount of time and the place you are off to, you need to decide how much luggage you should carry. Here are some amazing luggage facts that you should know while you decide what to include and what to leave behind in your luggage.
Coined in 1596
The juxtaposition of the verb “lug” and suffix “age” resulted in the formation of the term Luggage. This happened in 1596 AD. While “lug” means dragging, “age” refers to act. Hence, luggage literally means something that can be dragged.

Shakespeare used luggage for the very first time in a literary work
Only a year after the term luggage was created, famous playwright William Shakespeare used it in one of his finest works. He became the first laureate to use the word for the very first time in his play Henry IV.

Duffel bags are named after a town
One of the most famous types of luggage bags are Duffel bags. The name of the bag has been derived from the name of the Belgian town that produced them for the very first time. The name of the bag has no relation with the material that is used to make travel bags famous for their top closure.

Earliest luggage item maker
One of the earliest firms to introduce personal luggage items is Samsonite. It was found in 1910 in Denver, Colorado.

Lost and found
Lost luggage is a common phenomenon during travel, whether it’s air travel or train travel. Roughly, about 8090% of lost luggage reaches their owners well within 24 hours.

Lost luggage put up for sale
In the Scottsboro region of the American state of Alabama, lost luggage is collected and put up for sale. While most of the stuff ends up selling, some of the more useful stuff is donated to those in need.

Luggage mishandling
Airline staff mishandle roughly seven out of 1000 different luggage. Because of the mishandling, which in 50 percent cases are due to layovers, the luggage ends up arriving at incorrect destinations. Astonishingly, about 14% of the misplaced luggage is not even loaded on the flights.

Misplaced checked-in luggage
Around 1% of checked-in luggage is not able to reach its intended destination.
Too many people for handling a single piece of luggage. Your luggage is handled by four different persons after you successfully checked-in at the airport. First, the airline staff transports the luggage to the check-in room. Then, it is inspected by the transportation safety administration. Thereafter, the airline staff carries the checked-ok luggage to the bag storage room. Finally, the ground staff loads the luggage into your flight.

Weird luggage
Luggage can have anything ranging from your toothbrush to your entire collection of books that you want to read during your travel. It is no wonder that people often carry weird stuff with them. Some of the strangest luggage found inside lost and found section includes a rattlesnake and a pricey Naval Guidance System.