3 wireless earphones for the best listening experience
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3 wireless earphones for the best listening experience

When we listen to songs by our favorite artists, we want to hear their music accurately. Only earphones built with audio experience in mind can enhance accuracy and channel clear beats. We looked at the best earphones to buy in 2021 and picked three based on the simple fact that they bring excellent music to your ears. These devices are also wireless for uninterrupted and fuss-free listening.

Bose Sport Earbuds
The Bose Sound Earbuds come with a powerful audio system and strong connectivity despite having no wires. The brand has designed them with music quality as a focal point, which is evident with its amazing volume-optimized equalizer that churns out clear sound. With these earphones, you can also enjoy Bose’s new StayHear™ Max design, which ensures that the buds fit well and prevent external noise from interrupting your music-listening experience. Although this device has been marketed for sporty or athletic activities, we think that it will work equally well even if you want to simply tune into a podcast or a live concert.

Jabra Elite 85T
The Jabra Elite 85T earphones may not be known for their design, but they are popular for the one thing we care about hereclear music. The Jabra Sound+ app, compatible with both iOS and Android, has the brand’s trademark advanced noise cancellation (ANC) feature that lets you tune out of your surroundings and focus on the music. The earphones cut the fluff and simply present crisp tunes, whether you’re vibing to an album on Spotify or watching The Voice for the umpteenth time. We especially like the HearThrough element that lets users switch out of the ANC mode by simply pressing a button. These features make the Jabra Elite 85T one of the best earphones you can buy in 2021.

OnePlus Buds Z
The unwritten rule when shopping for earphones is that you have to shell out more money for better sound quality, but this isn’t the case with the OnePlus Buds Z. These funky earphones are affordable and they play clear music. Each earphone has a 10mm dynamic driver that improves sound quality as it reaches your ears. The brand says that this particular feature delivers bass definition, which is also what makes the OnePlus Buds Z one of the best earphones of 2021. Its design featuring silicone tips is a plus too!