3 Notable Features of Modern Manufactured Homes
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3 Notable Features of Modern Manufactured Homes

Given the current standing of the economy, finding an affordable house is quite challenging and time-consuming. One solution for home seekers is to choose manufactured homes. Some significant advantages of manufactured homes are that they use high-quality materials, meet all safety codes and regulations needed for safe living, offer customizable aspects based on the buyer’s needs, and are energy efficient as well as eco-friendly. As large-scale manufacturers build such homes, they are quite affordable too.

Three notable features of manufactured homes are:

  • Safe and secure
    Each manufactured home has to satisfy some HUD codes, and all manufacturers are aware of the consequences of violating these norms. These HUD codes for manufacturing a ready-made home carry a string of performance-related standards that include plumbing, heating, thermal and electrical systems, construction, structural design, air conditioning, energy efficiency, fire safety, and even the mode of delivery and transportation from the manufacturer’s base to the customer’s location. Getting a red seal stamped on the manufactured home indicates that the house has undergone rigorous inspection at various stages.
  • Customization and incorporation of amenities
    The production process for manufactured homes has undergone tremendous changes over the years, and these houses have become highly customizable according to each buyer’s taste. A buyer can pick between a regular floor plan for their manufactured home, or they can customize a new floor plan that not only suits their budget and lifestyle needs but also contains amenities like porches, decks, fireplaces, etc. A buyer can also choose to install top of the line appliances from the best brands in their manufactured homes.
  • Energy savings and eco-friendly amenities
    One of the key areas that manufactured home builders focus on is the sustainability of the products. They try to maximize this sustainability in such a way that the homes are truly eco-friendly and energy efficient in all aspects. In comparison to regular houses, a manufactured home cuts wastage by almost 90% and sometimes even more. One can attribute this to the technologically advanced design and building practices that manufacturers follow. Picking a zero to low VOC paint, integrating double flush toilets and low flow faucets, use of materials with higher insulation, cutting down on temperature controllers, using modern green practices such as rainwater harvesting and greywater systems, all lead to efficient energy consumption and low risk to the environment. At the same time, these systems do not dull a customer’s satisfaction in any way.