3 popular satellite TV providers to consider
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3 popular satellite TV providers to consider

Satellite TV providers play a vital role in our lives. They let us binge watch our favorite TV shows and stream content online. Good satellite TV providers even bundle high speed internet along with various programs and offer a lot of variety.

You can watch Hulu Plus, Netflix, HBO, and Crunchyroll on most satellite television services. The services are differentiated by their download and upload speeds and competitive pricing. The best satellite TV providers offer good service, wide range of television channels, plan customization, flexible pricing, and affordable rates. A good plan must tailor to your needs and suit your tastes, be it a wireless plan or a wired one. These days, satellite TV providers have internet connection with their TV program plans. The options available are history, drama, geography, news, or international content. Here are the top three satellite TV providers who are considered the best in the nation.

dishNET has plans similar to other satellite TV providers. The key difference is that their speeds are above that of dial-up connections. However they are lower than that provided by cable, and optic fibre connections. There’s no cap on the data and users can download or upload as much as they want. Like other plans, they offer installation of equipment which includes a satellite dish and a modem for a monthly rental fee of $10. If you fail you return the equipment after the contract expires, you will have to pay a $99 fine and $99 for the transceiver.

One of the most expensive satellite TV providers in the market, Exede’s basic plan starts at a whopping $49.99 a month. They offer unlimited data, with speeds of up to 25 mbps. If the data is goes beyond its cap limit, the speed goes down to between 1 mbps to 5 mbps, which is still pretty decent for most basic users. Exede’s monthly rental for their equipment starts at $9.99 a month which includes a satellite dish and a modem. Exede’s upload speeds are great and their plans are pretty well known.

HughesNet offers satellite program plans for affordable rates. They provide the option of buying their equipment or leasing it out. Buying their equipment costs about $300 while leasing them costs a one-time fee of $99.9 for installation and a regular monthly fee of $9.9. The best part about HughesNet is that they deliver speeds as advertised. There’s no fluff and the speeds are straight to the point.

They have a variety of service plans, great deals, and offer insane discounts. The only downside is that their customer service is average and it needs a little work.

These three providers are only differentiated by their plans. Conduct your own research and talk to real people who have subscribed to these services.

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