4 Best Cell Phone Companies

4 Best Cell Phone Companies

Choosing your wireless service provider is as important as buying the right smartphone. These providers offer connectivity and you spend enough money to acquire such advanced services. You may rely on recommendations and reviews offered by other users to make your decision. Here are some of the best cell phone companies in the country.

This is the largest network provider running a wide-reaching 4G LTE coverage. Moreover, it offers a decent collection of basic, feature, and smartphones. This service provider covers almost 99% of the nation. However, compared to other average carriers, Verizon’s services are slightly expensive. The cell phone company offers unlimited text and talk time with data plans. The newer plans are available with safety features that ensure over usage charges are not applicable if you exceed the data limit.

It is the second largest cell phone company in the country. The service provider offers several postpaid plans, which include features like shareable data and no over usage charges. The company also provides prepaid services, which offer no data to up to 8GB high-speed data. A unique feature of AT&T plans is that you may procure plans by data or by minutes.

T-Mobile offers a wide coverage. However, higher speeds are more prominent in the eastern parts of the country. However, the network is a little weak in the rural areas, which may be a slight disadvantage. The plans are limited to T-Mobile One or the prepaid plans. The prepaid plans do not have any long-term contractual requirements. If you do not choose the unlimited plan, you may subscribe to the Music Unlimited along with the prepaid plans. You may be able to save some money when you opt for the AutoPay feature. When you subscribe to this company’s network, you are assured of receiving the best customer service in the industry.

Sprint also offers the latest handsets and complementing plans. However, compared to AT&T, plans provided by Sprint are more affordable. However, the coverage is not as wide as that available when you choose AT&T. This carrier offers unlimited talk time, data, and text plans that outdo the plans offered by other service providers. Although the number of plans has reduced, the available ones are still excellent to meet customer requirements.

You must conduct extensive research and compare different options to find the best cell phone company that meets your requirements.

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