4 must have cell phone accessories
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4 must have cell phone accessories

The ability to perform multiple functions is what makes the new generation cell phones – smart. Right from the original use of making and receiving calls to editing a movie, the smartphone has several such uses.

There are a number of accessories that are available in the market for enhancing the multifunctionality of cells phones. Here are our top picks:

Phone covers

This is THE accessory that you should spend on as it protects the body of your phone from scratches and other signs of wear and tear. There are a number of quirky phone cover options available in the market to suit your brand of phone. When buying one, look for the cover for a specific model as the fit for LG cell phone covers will be different from cell phone covers of other companies.


The latest range of cell phones has a decent memory storage that lets you carry your favorite music and videos wherever you go. This piece of accessory lets you enjoy your music and videos wherever you are without disturbing the people around you. There are even Samsung cell phone covers that come with inbuilt retractable headphones.

Power bank

A cell phone has become an important gadget that people rely on for a lot of things apart from just communicating with each other. The frequent use of it can often drain the battery, especially when outdoors, leaving you without an access to electric charging points. Power banks solve this issue and offer charging solutions for people on the go. Some power banks even come with a wireless charging option so that you don’t have to take off your LG cell phone covers while charging.

Selfie stick

This is the perfect accessory for people who love to take pictures of themselves. Ideal for solo travelers, this accessory lets you take a wider shot of yourself and helps in capturing more of the surroundings in the pictures as compared to selfies clicked without the selfie stick.

When buying your LG cell phone covers or covers for any other brand of phone or any other accessories, ensure that it is of a good quality so that you don’t end up replacing these accessories every now and then.