4 Popular 4K TVs to Choose From

4 Popular 4K TVs to Choose From

4K Ultra HD television is the new trend in the country and the world. Online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon offer high-resolution content with 4K libraries. 4K implies that the pixels are four times more than the regular 1080p resolution; moreover, with HDR and a wide color spectrum, the quality of the pixels improves considerably. Even gaming platforms like Xbox and PlayStation have embraced 4K TVs and are compatible with them.

Following are some of the popular 4K TVs in the market today.

Samsung Q9FN QLED TV
Samsung’s latest offering uses Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) instead of its predecessor’s edge lit-LED lighting. The latter had some contrast problems and Samsung has rectified all these issues and come out with a much better product. The FALD panel along with Samsung’s flagship screens and QLED Quantum Dots produce images that are sharp and clear and more colorful than anything you have ever seen. This is a popular choice among best 4K TVs. The HDR10+ and Q HDR Elite Max are the latest in Samsung’s HDR technology and really enhance the viewing experience tenfold.

Sony XF90 Series
Sony has made some very noticeable improvements over past models in their 4K smart XE90 series. It has excelled on several fronts, notably backlight dimming, motion handling, and brightness and contrast. Some drawbacks are that the remote is not very intuitive and the backlight clouding is not up to the mark. The Android TV system gets the job done, but there is scope for more improvement here.

Panasonic FZ952/FZ950
Panasonic has come out with its 4K smart TV deals and they are everything that consumers dream of. While bigger players like LG and Sony dominate the OLED space, Panasonic has upped the ante with their HDR performance, taking center stage. The color handling and spectrum combined with the sharp and defined images on the 4K UHD OLED screen make it very competitive. There is a visible lack of Dolby Vision support, but apart from this minor critique, it surely delivers. The Technics soundbar is another bonus of this great TV.

TCL 6-Series
For people who are looking for something good on a budget or are looking for a 4K TV on sale, the TCL 6-Series TV range delivers. Their state-of-the-art high dynamic range (HDR) support that includes HDR10 and Dolby Vision gives excellent picture quality and black levels. Their Roku smart OS also removes the need for additional streaming options.