4 popular rain jackets to choose from

4 popular rain jackets to choose from

Pendleton is a brand which has a vertical integration for detailed step by step production of their clothing. This kind of vertical design helps them increase their efficiency and deliver better products. Pendleton has excelled in making some fine jackets for men as well as women. It has risen to its competitors like Totes, Western Chief, Ralph Lauren jackets, and Tommy Hilfiger jackets and is delivering products which are high in quality and comfort. Given below are some of the best Pendleton jackets as well as Western Chief jackets and Totes jackets, which are suitable for rains.

Scuba Rain Jacket
Scuba Rain jacket is the only rainwear made by Pendleton for women. The jacket has a misses fit and comes in the shade of grey denim. The jacket is water resistant outside and is warm and comfortable inside. The jacket has welt pockets with a draw chord for hoods. The cuffs have zip, and the jacket has a zip front closure. The jacket is around 28 inches long and is made up of nylon/polyester. The jacket can be dry cleaned when required. The Scuba rain jacket costs around $117.99.

Pendleton Signature Forks Rain Jacket
Adorning a regular fit, Forks rain jacket is a water waterproof jacket ideal for rainy weather. The taped seam and the harbor clothing make the Pendleton jacket breathable and comfortable. The Pendleton jacket comes only in black shade and has various sizes to choose from. The jacket has multiple pockets inside and outside for added space. The reflective trim in the front of the jacket makes it easier for others to spot the wearer even in poorly lit condition. The Pendleton jacket costs around $235.

Totes Rain Poncho
Totes is known for producing excellent quality rainwear, and their rain ponchos reflect why they are the best in making raincoats. The unisex rain poncho is lightweight and can be easily carried in compact storage pouch. The poncho has multiple uses apart from just being a raincoat. The poncho has three buttons for closure with a toggle hood. The poncho is made up of polyester. A Totes jacket which is the rain poncho costs around $45.

Kids Camo Rain Coat by Western Chief
Western Chief is known for its raincoats and other rain gears for adults and kids. Western Chief makes only footwear for adults whereas kids have different raincoats and other apparels. This raincoat is a kind of Western Chief jacket that is waterproof with a moisture absorbing lining inside making the kids feel warm and comfortable. The outer surface is made up of 100% polyurethane, and the inner lining is cotton, polyester mix. These raincoats cost around $40.