5 DIY Christmas tree ornaments

5 DIY Christmas tree ornaments

It’s that time of the year where everything is just so ethereal and mesmerizingly beautiful. The snowflakes are a treat to watch and super fun to play with. Shopping is indeed a major part of the season, where one needs to purchase everything from Christmas trees to presents to Christmas tree ornaments. But wouldn’t it be nice, if we could make our own personalized Christmas ornaments? Christmas sale is on almost everywhere and purchasing from the Christmas ornaments clearance wouldn’t be the apt thing to do. DIY’s are here to your rescue and now it’s time for us to make our very own Christmas tree ornaments.

Here are 5 Christmas tree ornaments that you can make yourself

  • You can design glass ornaments: Glasses can be found in abundance at one’s home and to convert it into glass Christmas ornaments, one would need glass paint, stickers, glitters, rhinestones, and other decorative items. From used glass tumblers to glass bowls, one can use anything that’s available and convert it into beautiful Christmas ornament balls. But before you start painting your glass bowl, make sure you wear gloves and are extremely cautious and careful while painting it. This DIY is ideal for adults and not for kids without adult supervision.
  • Nature is the way to go: From seashells to used wood logs, you can use a range of naturally available items and make beautiful Christmas tree ornaments and wooden Christmas ornaments. Wooden spoons, wooden plates, and wooden logs can be used to make these ornaments. Glitters or rhinestones can be added to them along with some design using acrylic paint. Seashells can be collected in bowls and decorated with bows made of color paper. Just by using what’s available, one can indeed do a lot.
  • Bits and pieces: Creating a creative piece of the ornament using bits and pieces of material available is the new trend, which is both creative and light in one’s pocket. Used socks can be used to create an animal like a toy which will look great on your Christmas tree. Used pompoms to old buttons, anything, and everything can be combined to create a beautiful piece of Christmas ornament.
  • Books are the way to go: Hang in your favorite Christmas book and make your tree look breathtakingly beautiful.
  • All that bling: Hanging old jewelry on your Christmas tree will beautify your tree even more. Just pick up the ones that are too old to use, arrange them beautifully and hang it on your tree. These can also be used inside bowls as outdoor Christmas ornaments balls.

Try these Christmas ornaments at home and make this festive season even more colorful and fun.

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