5 popular over-the-glasses ski goggles you will find useful

5 popular over-the-glasses ski goggles you will find useful

Finding ski goggles that fit over the glasses is a challenge. Wearing contacts can be irritating to the eyes while skiing and prescription ski goggles and inserts are expensive. Here are a few ski glasses reviews for goggles for people who wear glasses.

  • Smith I/OX: This model has a high-quality feature that is also found in other Smith models5X anti-fog lens, TLT lens technology, and a triple layer of foam. They have a slick frameless design, which allows the snow to roll off. You can make use of the quick-release lens change system to swap between two lenses: bright light and low light. The field view is good as it gives maximum peripheral vision; they fit comfortably over all eyeglasses.
  • Oakley Flight Deck: This pair of goggles has been around for many years. There are small notches in the frame’s temples for comfortably wearing glasses under the ski goggles. There are other models as well, but they do not have the same style and quality. These boast of modern rimless design, maximum clarity, and protection from tree branches and icy snowballs. If you choose Oakley’s PRIZM technology lens, they will filter out wavelengths, allowing maximum color contrast.
  • Smith Knowledge Turbo Fan: One big problem that the OTG need to overcome is resistance to fog and condensation on your glasses when they settle on your face. Turbo has incorporated their 5X anti-fog inner lens and a two-speed electronic exhaust fan, which keeps both the goggles and your glasses crystal clear. The membrane is made from free-floating foam. It alleviates temple pressure by the glasses. Although it has a cylindrical lens, the matter of optical distortion has been addressed. The Urethane frame is super flexible, which allows it to contour to your facial structure and create a more comfortable seal. Even if you picked up a pricey pair of prescription ski goggles, they may still not be good as a fog-fighting as these. These have some seriously comfortable bells and whistles.
  • Bolle X-9: This double-lens acts as a thermal barrier that fight fog and condensation. The vents optimize the airflow, leaving lots of breathing room. The glasses are equipped with a convenient quick release buckle on the back of the strapission (VLT) from 66% down to 26%, depending on the brightness of the day, a feature normally accompanied by a bigger price tag.
  • Giro Index OTG Goggle: Giro is the only polarized ski goggles; it is the only one with tints and polarized lenses (rose). Giro Index OTG offers a spacious interior and temple cutouts for prescription frames. They may accommodate large-framed eyeglasses, but the anti-fog coating and double-layer face foam make them a no-frills ski sunglasses/goggles to wear over the glasses.
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