6 wall decor ideas for your bathroom
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6 wall decor ideas for your bathroom

Did you know that a few simple tweaks rendered on the walls of your bathroom can transform it into an elegant space where you can actually rejuvenate? Here are a few bathroom wall décor ideas that can turn your bathroom into your personal recreational space.

Lively patterns
Using bold wallpaper can be risky, but it is a great opportunity for you to be experimental and make your bathroom look unique. Floral and lively patterns can make the bathroom come alive with artistic beauty.

Designer shelves
You can place geometrical shelves in different shapes like triangles and squares to make the wall look a little edgy. With that, you can put little flower pots or knickknacks that are in contrast to the color of the wall.

Photo frames
Whether it is one large frame or three small frames, photo frames are the safest bet that makes the wall more appealing. You can also use frames on bathroom cabinets and storage spaces.

Give a base color to the wall and get your favorite quote or phrase painted on it with a bold color. It would be a good idea to keep the font of the text sleek so that it has a soothing effect.

No rules are stating that a bathroom can only have one mirror. You can hang multiple mirrors on that one empty wall. Make sure that the mirrors are of different shapes and sizes. If you wish, you can also use eccentric mirrors variants as well.

You can stick waterproof decal art on the bathroom wall. These could be paintings or outlined sketches or even some writing that suits the bathroom décor. These are simple, elegant and look beautiful on a wall. Decals are easy to stick and remove.

Bathrooms are usually ignored in terms of décor, but modern bathrooms are now more enriched and adorned like the rest of the rooms in a home. So, if you want to make your bathroom look more appealing, you can easily get inspired with these bathroom wall décor ideas to remodel your bath space.