Benefits of Buying a kitchen appliance package from the same brand

Benefits of Buying a kitchen appliance package from the same brand

Gone are the days where our fridges, cooking ranges, and ovens were old school and took up almost the entire space in our kitchen. In today’s day and age, kitchen appliance packages are soon becoming a raging phenomenon. And this is especially true in the United States of America, owing to how technologically advanced the country is. These days, a kitchen has become more than a mere place to cook food to a style statement. Under such circumstances, a kitchen appliance package seems like a nice idea.

What exactly is a kitchen appliance package really?

This is a package that includes all the necessary kitchen appliances like a fridge, oven, cooking range, and dishwasher. A number of brands also integrate other appliances like a vent hood in their kitchen package deals.

Today the American market is home to a number of brands offering kitchen appliance packages. These range from brands like Whirlpool, LG, Samsung, Jenn-Air, GE appliance kitchen packages, etc. However, these packages that begin from about USD 3,500 and easily go up till about USD15,000 are not a cheap buy. They can, in fact, be considered a one-time investment.

Keep that in mind, there are a number of things you would need to think about before investing in a kitchen appliance package. One of these would be whether or not buying a kitchen appliance package from the same brand is a good idea. We suggest, yes. Buying your entire kitchen appliance package from the same brand is certainly a great idea. Why? We are here to tell you exactly that. There two main reasons for buying all your kitchen appliances under the same brand. These are:

Although most kitchen appliance packages have a stainless steel finish, the hues in which they are available can vary from brand to brand. Imagine having a fridge that is one shade of stainless steel, while the cooking range next to it is another, and the same is the case with your oven. Wouldn’t that look completely mismatched? We bet it would.

For instance, the Black Slate series from the GE appliance kitchen package comes in a dark charcoal shade. Each of the appliances under this series is a hue of a classy black. Now picture these sleek black appliances sitting beautifully in your kitchen with only your dishwasher being a Whirlpool one that sports a light shade of grey. Wouldn’t match, would it? Therefore, one of the major advantages of buying a kitchen appliance package from the same brand would be that these appliances complement and match each other perfectly. However, should you opt for an integrated kitchen, also known as a concealed kitchen, then the brand of appliances you buy wouldn’t matter as much. This is because an integrated kitchen is a paneled one and therefore, most of your appliances are hidden due to the panels.

Higher savings
Most times, purchasing a kitchen appliance package of the same brand could lead to more cost-effective prices. Sometimes you could even save as much as 30 percent to 35 percent by buying kitchen appliances under the same brand. Some of these brands also have offers in which you get one of the appliances under the entire kitchen package absolutely free of cost.

Take for example the Café series under the GE appliance kitchen package where you stand a chance of taking home a free dishwasher should you buy three or more GE Café Series appliances. Very often brands also offer discounts on a whole kitchen appliance package. Thus, such offers and discounts lead to higher savings.

Therefore, whether it is for the purpose of having an aesthetic looking kitchen, or for the purpose of saving your bucks, buying a kitchen appliance package from the same brand is always a win-win deal!