Best places to take a cruise to

Best places to take a cruise to

While air travel seems to be the fastest and popular means for getting from one place to another, there are a number of others ways in which the leisure-loving traveler can go around the world. If you have an appetite for luxury and would like to be close to beaches and shores, then cruises are one of the best options for you.

Going on a cruise is a matter of switching off for a while and soaking it all in – quite literally. This is one of the best means of taking travel at a slow and luxurious pace. You can enjoy the many joys of the sea and vast ocean with the help of cruises even as the luxurious setting within the ship will make you feel like royalty on the high seas. So what are the best places to visit with the help of cruises? Check out this list!

The Caribbean: The Caribbean Sea and its well-known islands like Curacao make for a wonderful ocean line that one may explore with the help of cruises that are available on portals like the Royal Caribbean. This includes the Gulf of Mexico to the South American shores and even further along the North American mainland. This scenic and large strip is known as the Caribbean plate and can be enjoyed with cruises that start from New York City. The island groupings also include the West Indies and the Bahamas, among various others, which will give you a taste of the exotic. You can disembark and have a great time at one or more of these islands, with many options for staying and indulging in unique activities.

Alaska: Lying in the extreme Northwest side of the US, Alaska is a favored destination during summers. It is divided from the American mainland as Canada lies between the two, but it is very much a part of the US. You can take a cruise along the Alaskan shoreline to see the Pacific Ocean on one side and the skyline of Alaska, which is replete with fishing, natural gas, and oil industries, as well as quaint towns. There are a number of cruises like the Princess Cruises, the Alaskan Cruise and many others that one can take from New York harbor in order to see this part of the country while on the ocean. Also, Norwegian Cruises will give you a great package deal, if you want to see additional places on a particularly long cruise.

California Coast: This is another favored destination, which is a hit with the young and old alike. Watch the vibrant coastline of California erupt magically before your eyes as you trace the same with a cruise, which you can avail from Disney Cruises, and many others like Kayak. You can also take a package deal where you get to enjoy the beauty of the Canadian and Mexican shorelines in one long journey along the entire stretch of the ocean line. Scenic beauty and shopping vistas will also greet you here.

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