Bring the true spirit of Christmas with these 5 things

Bring the true spirit of Christmas with these 5 things

Once again, it is that time of the year, when the feel of Christmas will soon fill the air just like the cold. You will decorate the house with lights and shop Merry Christmas stockings for your kids; and then finally the day will come with all the delicious dishes, unloading of Merry Christmas stockings and unwrapping of gifts.

Even though people around the world celebrate Christmas in different ways, there are some things which say ‘Christmas’ like nothing else. Here are five things that establish the true spirit of Christmas.

The shimmering white snow
What is Christmas without the snow? The first snowfall of the season makes you feel the onset of Christmas festivities for real. Christmas and snow are inseparable, and the sheer beauty of one complements the cheerfulness of the other only too well.

Christmas cookies and cakes
Christmas is incomplete without lots and lots of cakes and cookies to fill your tummy as well as hearts. Be it the delicious, syrupy plum cake of the traditional Dundee fruit cake, or the huge variety of cookies like chocolate chip, anise-almond, Italian walnut, peanut butter, gingerbread and so on you always have something or the other to please your sweet tooth.

Christmas tree decorations
A big part of the festival is to bring out the stars, balls, lights, and streamers and decorate the tree with your family and kids. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing your tree in its fully adorned form on the Christmas Eve, ready to take home for all the gifts tomorrow.

Santa Claus and Merry Christmas stockings
Coming down from the legend of a kind-hearted Bishop Saint Nicholas who loved kids and gave them gifts on Christmas, the tradition has been maintained to this day across the world.

Santa Claus comes sneaking in through the chimney, leaves the loveliest of gifts in your 24-inch Christmas stockings and goes to the next house ho-humming on his reindeer-pulled sled car a story that we all know since childhood and wanted to believe, even when we knew it was not true. It was a different feeling to hang the Christmas stockings the night before and go to sleep wondering what gifts we will get.

Christmas movies
The choice varies, but watching a good Christmas movie with your family is a quintessential part of the Christmas holidays. The TV channels run Christmas Specials all day, or you can hire a DVD of the classics old and new like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ or ‘Elf.’

Without these, Christmas is just a winter holiday with lots of lights. Embrace the festivities in a classic way and don’t forget to send your best wishes!

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