Buying Kenmore appliances online becomes easy
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Buying Kenmore appliances online becomes easy

Earlier, groceries and books were the only things available online. However, given the changing scenario, it would not be surprising indeed if refrigerators also end up being sold online.

Amazon announced its plans of selling Kenmore appliances online, and it could be a game changer for both the partners. Amazon has been providing its users a great online experience for shopping but has not ventured so far in appliances segment. Kenmore appliances have also closed some showrooms over past few years owing to low sales, and online selling of Kenmore appliances will provide it a great platform.

The consumer’s reports on online rating have showcased dozens of models which include refrigerators and washing machines as top sellers. One in three homes in the country has Kenmore appliances, and if these could be sold through online platforms like Amazon, it will be a game-changer in the coming days.

  • The working strategy
    This deal between Amazon and Kenmore Appliances was struck a while ago when Amazon began selling Kenmore room air conditioners. These smart air conditioners from Kenmore are available nationwide, and with Amazon jumping on this bandwagon, the Kenmore appliances sales are all set to increase. The program is rolling in such a manner that it will spread across cities with Amazon tapping one town at any given time. This will help Amazon tap Kenmore’s existing distribution network so that issues related to delivery and installation can be taken up in a concerted manner. Whenever any Kenmore appliance is ordered through Amazon, the customer is guided through the delivery and distribution network and the appliances eventually reach the customer safely in a timely order. The pilot program is currently being run in Los Angeles but will soon be rolled out to other cities across the United States in a phased manner.
  • Reliability factor
    One of the reasons for Amazon tying up with Kenmore appliances is the reliability factor. Kenmore as a brand has performed very well in consumer reports and lab tests over the years and many of its models have appeared in the recommended lists when it comes to ratings for refrigerators, washers, dryers and air conditioners. Kenmore also takes help from its survey on customer satisfaction. Its refrigerators and gas appliances are considered to be among the best. The washers, dryers, and vacuums also follow up a close second.

Partnership with Amazon could prove to be a game changer for Kenmore since the younger generation is very much attuned to online shopping. They want every product and service to be delivered to their doorsteps, and with Kenmore appliances taking this plunge, the future is surely going to be bright.