Choosing the right pair of Toms shoes is now easier than ever!

Choosing the right pair of Toms shoes is now easier than ever!

Ten years ago, Toms started designing beautiful designer footwear for men and women. They are best known for giving more than 35 million pairs of footwear to people in need from all corners of the world. Their business model is unique and based on ethics. When you buy a pair of shoes in the US, a poor individual from an underdeveloped country like Haiti will be donated a pair of shoes. Often, Toms shoes are on sale and have discounted prices. If you have always wanted to own a pair of these gorgeous shoes, here is a guide to follow.

Understanding Toms Shoe Sizes
Toms shoes are true to their original size, meeting American standards. A pair of Toms shoes will not run larger or smaller than the standard fit of the size. They are available only in medium width which means that you don’t have a plethora of confusing options.

The Differences In Sizes
If you look closely at the insoles of the shoes, you will see that there is a number and a letter inscribed at the inner side. While the number indicates the size, the letter suggests whether it is men, women, or kids. You should note here that if you come across a pair of shoe with the letter W inscribed within, it denotes that the shoes are for women. Many people think that it indicates the width size but this is wrong. There are a number of people whose feet are in between two sizes. If you are one of those people, you should buy the smaller size. After a few days, the shoes will get stretched to a slight extent, for the comfort of your feet.

Converting Between Men’s and Women’s Sizes
The rule of conversion from men’s to women’s shoes is quite simple. If a man wants to get a pair of women’s shoes, then he will have to add 1.5 to his normal size get the right for for men. And if it is the other way round where a woman is looking for a pair of men’s shoes, then she will have to subtract 1.5 to get the accurate size for her. You should note that the men’s shoes are generally a bit wider than that of women. If you are purchasing the Toms shoes for the first time, you can go for the size that you generally wear for other brands and rest assured that it will fit you.
Even though the Toms shoes are expensive, sometimes they are available at a discounted price on sale. You should seize the opportunity and add a pair of Toms shoes to your wardrobe.