Cleaning front loading machines made easy
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Cleaning front loading machines made easy

Along with your clothes, you must also scrub your washing machine. Cleaning a front load washer is quite a simple task. These types of washing appliances are also considered to be energy-saving because they need lesser detergent as compared to their top loading counterparts. However, they are susceptible to molds. Also, you may find that your machine emits an unpleasant odor at times. Clean your front load washers once a month to keep it sweet-smelling and sanitized. As a result, your clothes will also be fresher.

There are some basic ingredients that are required for cleaning your machine, making the process cost-effective. You will need:

  • 2 cups of vinegar
  • ¼ cup water
  • ½ cup of baking soda
  • A scrub pad


  • Add some water in a bowl. Then stir in the baking soda and allow it to dissolve. This solution will be used for disinfecting the machine. In another bowl, take the required amount of vinegar.
  • Pour the contents of the bowl with baking soda into the detergent box of the front load washer. Then, gradually decant the vinegar in the machine. On the control panel, select the option of standard load and hot water. Secure the hood of the washing machine and switch on the machine. This blend of baking soda and vinegar effectively eliminates the molds and flushes away the mineral dumps as well.
  • After the washing cycle is completed, take the scrub pad and clean the top part of the machine for removing the leftover dirt. Then, in the final stage splash some fresh water.

The front load washers are cleaned efficiently through this method. Following this procedure once per month will ensure your appliance stays fresh, odorless and dirt-free. Keeping your machine in a hygienic will also keep your laundry in a pleasant state.

Similarly, the dryer can be sanitized after you have scoured the washing machine. Use the scrubber to give the drying unit a good scrub. Remember not to use bleaches or other chemicals for keeping your machine spotless. The above-listed method is environment-friendly and gives the desired results.