Kitchen cleaning tips – Keep the kitchen clean and tidy
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Kitchen cleaning tips – Keep the kitchen clean and tidy

The kitchen is the heart of any home. The place should be sparkling clean at all times so that it is free from all kinds of germs to keep the cooking healthy. Hence, homeowners are always on a lookout for easy and quick kitchen cleaning tips that will help them maintain their kitchen well and thereby ensure a healthy and happy family.

How to ensure a clean kitchen

  • Apart from cleaning your kitchen and keeping it germ-free, ensuring it is well-organized is critical. In an organized kitchen, you not only avoid all the mess that tends to get accumulated in otherwise chaotic cabinets but also save time and effort. Here are some quick kitchen cleaning tips and hacks to make your kitchen tidy and organized.
  • Have an over-the-counter cutting board. This is like any regular cutting board, the only difference being that it is meant to fit over your kitchen sink. In this case, you don’t just save up on your counter space, but also keep your kitchen clean off all the vegetable and fruit peels or juices that can easily be disposed in the garbage disposal under your sink.
  • Arrange a spice rack on the cabinet door to place all your jars because using the kitchen cabinets for storing all your spice jars can kill the cabinet space. Also, there can be a lot of mess around and under those jars that you may miss out on. You may instead use the cabinets to store your pots and pans. This is one of the very efficient kitchen cleaning tips to maintain meticulous cabinets.
  • Do not use your kitchen sponge by just running it under water as it may attract mold or mildew buildup. You can use a large paper clip to keep it upright after use so that the water drains off and it doesn’t get gross.
  • Clean the blender after every use by pouring warm water on it along with a bit of dish soap and churn it a little. Rinse it well with running water to remove the soap residue.
    Apart from the above kitchen cleaning tips, ensure timely garbage disposal to keep your kitchen smelling fresh always!