Create the best first date impression

Create the best first date impression

Dates are not interviews. But you still need to create a good first impression when you meet a person. While it’s very important to be your truest self on a date, working on yourself and improving your personality isn’t being something you are not. The more you improve yourself and work on your personality, the better person you become with great chances at date. Below are some special points you need to know before you head out for your next date:

Work on your outfit
First impressions are often created in the first 5 -10 minutes of your interaction with that person. The first thing they will notice is how you are dressed and look. It is very important to look your best keeping your originality in check and without overdoing your whole look.

Do not focus on impressing your date
As contradictory as it sounds, the attempt to impress your date often turns out to be an act of being someone you are not. Which is a major deal breaker in many cases. Sometimes when you end up going on a date with someone you are really attracted to, and want to keep dating further, you tend to put an act of something you think will impress them or try to be too witty. However, it could do just the opposite. You need to have confidence in just the kind of a person you are. You also need to focus on authenticity and how comfortable you are with your date. The more you speak with ease and the more comfortable you are with your true self, the more impact you will have on your date.

Learn a little something about their field of work/interest
If you are on a date with someone who has very different field of work or interest as yours, do a little research on the kind of work they do, and on the kind of interest they hold. This way you both will have more things to communicate on and will make the conversation more interesting. Your date will also be impressed with the kind of knowledge you hold.

Be a positive person
You might be someone who has an opinion on anything and everything and might have some negative opinion on things as well, but try to be as positive about things as possible. You can keep those negative opinions for the future where both of you have reached a place where you can discuss personal problems with each other. For now, try and be a positive person. This does not mean you lie about things you are not feel affirmative about. You simply talk about the things that you are happy with instead of the things that upset you. Your date is most likely to get attracted to your positive and optimistic outlook on things.