Different kinds of knives and shears from Cutco
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Different kinds of knives and shears from Cutco

Preparing and devouring meals would be totally incomplete without the right kind of cutlery to cut into those delicious dishes. Cutco is one such brand which understands such needs and has been associated with the creation of a stellar range of knives, shears and other such related objects that help you in getting dinners, parties and special occasions right. So take a look at the various kinds of knives and sets as well as shears that you can find at Cutco.

• Cooking Knives: From the knife block to knives with matching chopping boards, there is a wide variety of products that you can find at Cutco. This brand stocks various sizes and blades that can be used for preparing meals in the best possible manner. With these knives, you can cut your vegetables, fruit, meat and other such ingredients in various styles, depending on the requirement of the dish as well as the recipe. You can also find steak knives and chef knives for more intricate kinds of cuts with various types of blades that even curl and ball up, depending on the exact ingredient that needs chopping and styling for the table.

• Table Knives: In this category, Cutco has a wide variety which can be used on the table top. From the simple all-purpose knife that can be used for spreading butter on your toast during normal mealtimes, to the stainless steel beauties that could decorate your placemats with their stately presence, there is a wide variety that you can choose from. Apart from this, you can also take your pick from steak knives and fish knives so that you and your guests can eat with maximum comfort when you throw a dinner party at home. It would be a good idea to know the progression and placement rules for various kinds of knives in such cases, especially if you are having a formal do.

• Other Flatware: Apart from knives, the Cutco brand is also known for its stellar collection of flatware that is available in sets and chests. These sets comprise of various kinds of cutlery which can be used on your table during parties, and also during your normal meal times so that you can have different kinds of dishes comfortably. The flatware collection has been designed with the best kind of engineering so that you get high-quality blades and cuts as well as the best kind of finishes.

• Shears and More: The shears at Cutco can be used for a variety of purposes in the kitchen as well as the kitchen garden. They can be used to pluck produce from the delicate branches and even for shearing the hard peel and skin off of meat. Further, Cutco also has a range of hunting knives that can be used to bring home your game and prepare it as well.

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