Different types of Biker Jackets

Different types of Biker Jackets

Biker jackets, also called motorcycle jackets, bring to mind images of the classic black moto jacket. The classic black biker jacket is still the preferred one and remains the most popular among the men’s motorcycle jackets. However, today, whether you would prefer to buy biker jackets online or attend a biker jacket sale, you have plenty more options to choose from. It is important to find the style that will best suit your needs before you buy one.

The four main riding jacket categories you will come across are:

  • Cruiser jackets
    This is the classic style that riders across the globe associate with biking. Cruiser jackets are primarily made of leather. However, cotton and synthetic textiles are being used as an alternative. A cruiser jacket is primarily known for comfort and fashion. Functionality is not a top priority. It is roomy in order to provide comfort and has very little armor to boast of. But with the advent of less intrusive armor technology, cruiser jackets have more armor being added to them.
  • Racing jackets
    Biker jackets that are constructed for racing are made of materials that are resistant to high abrasion because of the obvious risk of high speeds. Cowhides are considered to have excellent abrasion resistance, hence it is the most common material used on the main chassis of the jacket. To enable the rider to be more mobile, key areas in the jacket are lined with synthetic stretch panels. To protect riders from high speeds and impacts of sliding, these jackets are equipped with internal armor and external TPU sliders. These are tightfitting jackets with less pockets because it makes them more aerodynamic. These biker jackets are fashionable but are more practical in nature.
  • Sports jackets
    This kind of jackets are a casual version of the biker jacket. The cut is similar but the fit is loose. While they can be made of leather, they are more commonly made of textiles. They are also called as street jackets.
  • Biker jackets
    These jackets are for adventure sports which are specifically tailored for protection. They are made of highly durable textiles which are waterproof and has an armor in it. It comes with plenty of vents, pockets, and an insulated liner. It has a high neck and is cut below the waist for maximum coverage.
    Before you buy a biker jacket from a branded showroom, online or from a biker jackets sale, don’t forget the fit, padding, armor, durability, venting, reflectivity and liners in order to make it the best buy.