Everything you need to know about the nutrisystem diet
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Everything you need to know about the nutrisystem diet

Nutrisystem is a diet delivery service that is making dieting a lot simpler. It delivers, nutritious, low carb, low fat, portion controlled meals to your doorstep everyday. It requires very little effort from your end as you enjoy delicious, prepackaged breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. Nutrisystem offers a variety of diet plans catering to the diverse lifestyles and preferences of its customers. Here’s everything you need to know about nutrisystem before you get on one of its 28-day diet programs.

Breakfast options include oatmeal, granola, muffins and pancakes. Lunch and dinner varieties include tacos, chicken, pasta, soup, pizza, stew and chilli. Desserts and snacks include cookies, cakes or brownies. The program also requires you to include a list of fruits, vegetables, fresh meat and nuts in your diet in addition to the meals it provides.

The diet plan aims to incorporate healthy carbs and limit your intake of high-GI foods. The number of calories you consume every day is fixed to help you lose a pound or two every week, whilst you are on this program.

You can either purchase a 28-day order of food that is pre-decided by the company or choose your own food items. The latter will give you more control over choosing foods that appeal to your palate.

The program is not suitable for pregnant women, patients with chronic disease, children under 14 and people with certain allergies. It is also unsuitable for people who follow a gluten-free and vegan diet, although it caters to vegetarians and diabetes patients.

Nutrisystem provides support to its customers in the form of an online community. You can also seek help or advice via phone calls.

Nutrisystem provides specific plans for men and women, people with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. The diet plan not only helps them lose weight but also regulate their blood sugar levels.

Breastfeeding mothers can get on a nutrisystem diet plan of their child is at least four months old and is being fed solid foods. It is advisable that they take prenatal vitamins to nourish their bodies with essential nutrients. They are required to consume more calories than other women and hence need to follow a special diet plan. The plan advices them to seek special assistance from their nutrition and dietary team members before getting on a diet plan.

According to nutrisystem, their foods don’t contain any form of appetite suppressants or stimulants to curb your hunger and keep your weight in check.

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