Tackle excessive sweating with these simple home remedies
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Tackle excessive sweating with these simple home remedies

About 2 to 3% of Americans are said to suffer from Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. When the sweat wets the clothing like undergarments and socks and remain on the person’s body for a long while, it encourages bacteria already present on the skin to grow rapidly. They break down the keratin, a protein in the skin, to foul smelling chemicals. These chemicals are the real cause of body odor. The approach in its management is to block the sweat ducts physical agents like corn starch. In the standard methodology chemicals are used to block the sweat ducts. The chemicals normally used heavy metal compounds like aluminum chloride. When these simple salts do not do the job, prescription strength antiperspirants are used. This normally contains aluminum chloride hexahydrate. Check out some of the popular body odor treatments to manage this problem effectively!

Some food like garlic, spices onions, caffeine and the like make one sweat more and make the sweat odorous. Avoiding them would naturally reduce body odor. Some of the well-known remedies that help reduce sweating are Apple cider vinegar, Sage tea, homemade Tomato juice, and Wheat grass juice, among others.

Witch Hazel, Cornstarch and baking powder and potato – In homemade remedies, inert powders like cornstarch are mixed with baking soda. One can add a drop or two of any essential oil of their liking. Apply this to dry armpit, allow it to dry and wash off after half an hour. It is an inexpensive deodorant and an excellent antiperspirant.

Apple cider vinegar – It is a mixture of natural vinegar (2 tsp.) and Apple cider (1 tsp.). it needs to be taken thrice daily, preferably on an empty stomach. It adjusts the pH levels of the body. It acts as a natural antiperspirant by forming a coating on the body and blocking the sweat ducts when applied on the body and left to dry. In cases of excessive sweating, it can be applied at bedtime and washed in the morning.

Tomato juice – Drink a glass of homemade tomato juice and in case of excessive sweating, it can be taken twice. In addition to containing antioxidants it is a natural astringent too.

Sage tea – Sage herb contains magnesium, tannic acid and vitamin B. These reduce the activity of the sweat glands. It is an antifungal and antibacterial condiment too. Boil a handful of leaves in a cup of water, cool and add a bit of honey or lemon and drink it daily. It can also be locally applied.