Features common to top luxury SUVs

Features common to top luxury SUVs

An SUV which is the acronym for Sports Utility Vehicle, also known as Suburban Utility Vehicle. It typically features high ground clearance, four-wheel or all-wheel driving capabilities, on road and off road capabilities making them suitable for the use of rocky or sandy terrain, high center of gravity. With larger size with more interior space, larger cargo space and often the towing capacity of a minitruck.

The SUV has in the last few years caught the fancy of American car buyers with the American automotive market being simply flooded with mini SUVs, sub-compact SUVs, midsize SUVs, Full-size SUVs, extended length SUVs and of course, luxury SUVs. Total recorded SUV sales for the last year alone indicates that the SUV has captured over 43% of the total automobile market.

Now, in recent times, several luxury car manufacturers have also entered the fray, bringing to the table, SUVs that offer a host of design, entertainment, safety and engineering features that also push up the price tag of these vehicles.

While some luxury SUVs like the Porsche Macan are available on the road for a base price of around $ 52,000, the higher end Bentley Bentayga comes with a steep price tag that is upwards of $ 2,18,000.

What are the features that are common to most luxury SUVs?

The defining characteristic of most luxury SUVs is the provision of one or even more turbocharged engines, which give the vehicle a capability of 600 horsepower or even more.

Most luxury SUVs can accelerate to speeds of 60 miles per hour within just a few seconds, even when holding a full load of passengers. Eight-speed auto transmission capabilities are also standard.

State of the art infotainment systems that are supported by Android Auto and Apple Carplay is part of course.

Sporty exteriors with stylish chrome trim are added design features. Luxury and comfort are the key words when it comes to seating with passengers being provided large bucket like seats with adequate leg room.

Mandatory compliance with high safety standards including adaptive cruise control, enhanced electronic vehicle stability control, front and side airbags, crash resistant door pillars, pre-collision warnings, etc., are standard features.

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