Five Things You Need to Know About Morkies

Five Things You Need to Know About Morkies

Morkies are a ridiculously sweet breed of dogs. This dog is the product of interbreeding between Maltese and Yorkie breeds, both of which are adorable in their own ways. It is quite hard to define Morkies in few words. They are curious, intelligent, playful, and of course, make for great companions. While Morkie puppies can adapt to several environments, sadly, a lot of people remain skeptical about owning one. The truth is that not all dog breeds can get along with everyone. Hence, it is imperative for a person to be sure about a dog breed before coming to a decision. Here is a list of things you need to know about Morkies:

Rather stubborn
Morkies are known for their stubbornness. They always have things their way, and their cuteness only helps them in this process. People who multitask with their family, work, etc., or those who find it difficult to assert dominance over others, or people who have anger issues might find it difficult to manage this breed.

They are known to live for around 13 years. Unless you are prepared to care for your pets for such a long time, you should not think about owning or adopting one. It is unfair to purchase a Morkie puppy, only to send them to a shelter later on because of an inability to commit to them.

They weigh about 8 pounds. Pet owners should realize that this dog will remain pup-sized for all their lives. Also, they are not very strong. Their size gives away the fact that they can be hurt easily, and if you already have a big dog, you must realize that it might hurt Morkie puppies inadvertently. If you have children in your home, you must warn them against playing with Morkies too aggressively.

Perennially hungry
The size of the dog is deceptive. If you think it Morkies are easy to maintain then think again. Morkies are called a hungry breed. Morkie puppies want to eat all the time, and a dog owner should never let that happen. There are several instances of Morkie owners overfeeding their dog, which results in obesity-related complications.

Noisy lot
Morkies seem to love the sound of their barks. It is commonly known that small sized dogs tend to bark a lot, but this breed sets the benchmark quite high. If you have young children or seniors at home who need to follow a regular sleep pattern, you should reconsider your decision about Morkies.

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