History of the classic spaghetti alla carbonara recipe
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History of the classic spaghetti alla carbonara recipe

The Italian recipe of spaghetti alla carbonara is not just famous for its delicious flavors but also for its disputed history. The only accepted part about this marvelous tasting dish is that it originated in Rome. So, what is the actual story behind this recipe? Instead of one straightforward account, the alla carbonara has multiple interesting theories.

The first theory comes from the name itself, i.e. ‘carbonara’, which suggests that it was invented by charcoal workers in the Apennine Mountains near the city of Rome. As these men spent most of their time camping in the countryside, they bought all the essential ingredients of the recipe, that could be easily carried and stored, and then they cooked it on fire. Another story, which similarly transpired from the name, tells that it came from the kitchen of a restaurant named La Carbonara in 1912. The incorporation of black pepper in the dish, is also considered one of reasons why it is named as alla carbonara.

One of widespread stories revolving around this recipe is that the American soldiers bought a ration of powdered eggs and bacon to Italy during World War 2 in 1944. The locals then put together these ingredients with pasta and cheese, which led to the birth of this classic dish. Although the Italians have argued that they have enjoyed this dish way before the arrival of American soldiers, and that ‘bacon and eggs’ was added to it much later. Its initial version had pancetta or guanciale instead of bacon.

Being confused is easier when it comes to the origins of the alla carbonara recipe. Although if you try to make this recipe at home, you’ll mostly forget about the chaos surrounding this dish. Here’s how you can cook this popularly talked and debated recipe.

The recipe
Spaghetti alla carbonara requires bacon (you can use pancetta or guanciale), dry pasta, eggs, cheese (Pecorino or Parmigiano Reggiano), garlic, olive oil, ground black pepper and some fresh herbs if you would like some to garnish. Boil the spaghetti pasta in salted water until it is al dente. Whisk the egg yolks with cheese and black pepper. In the pan, heat some olive add some crushed garlic, then gradually fry the bacon until it is golden crisp around the edges and add it in the whipped egg mixture. Once the pasta is cooked immediately transfer it to the egg and bacon mixture. Then blend it properly. Serve it with grated cheese and black pepper according to you liking.

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