Holiday benefits just for teachers

Holiday benefits just for teachers

Teaching can be challenging and from time to time, and a teacher needs to take a break and rejuvenate. If you are a teacher, this will keep you from burning out and give you renewed energy to deal with all your students. Even if you are not up for a luxurious holiday, there are a number of special deals and hotel discount for teachers as recognition of their services. Here are a few holiday benefits you may not have known about.

NEA benefits
Along with giving you ideas on how to teach better and manage your class efficiently, the National Education Association also offers a number of benefits for its members such as hotel discount for teachers, flights, and cruises. If you want to drive around the countryside for a holiday, your NEA membership could also get you a good deal on car rentals and guided tours. In addition, you could also see what student offers are extended to teachers.

School District Programs
Just as corporate offices offer special discounts for their employees, so do many school districts and credit unions. A number of large urban school districts give their teachers access to discount programs as part of the benefits of their employee package. This can range from discounted entry tickets to theme parks and ski resorts to all inclusive deals at well-known resorts.

International Teacher Identity Card Benefits
When you buy an ITIC card, you get a host of benefits at a very low cost. This card is valid for one year from the date of purchase and can be used by teachers, professors and lecturers to avail benefits and discounts in your city and internationally. Along with travel discounts, this card can also get you good deals on hotel discounts for teachers and hostels.

Take advantage of the government rates
One of the benefits of teaching in a public school is that you get to take advantage of government rates for tickets and hotels. This can make a big difference to your overall budget. Government rates are applicable at most hotel chains as well as on certain resort entry tickets.

Find things you can do for free
Places like museums across the coast offer free or heavily discounted entry to teachers, lecturers and other educators throughout the year. This includes places like the Kennedy Space Center, New England Aquarium and Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History. However, a little planning may be needed if you intend to visit these museums as you may have to fill out an online request form before your visit and provide them with a specific identification.

Get souvenir discounts
At many national parks, along with entry ticket discounts, teachers can also get discounts on souvenirs at the gift shop. This includes T-shirts, maps or a general 15% discount on all products. However, this may not be advertised and you may need to ask for the store’s discount policy and show them your school identification.

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