How to care for your Bluetooth speaker

How to care for your Bluetooth speaker

Buying one of the latest Bluetooth speakers from the numerous choices available is a confusing task. The price of a Bluetooth speaker is usually high, and a decent quality Bluetooth speaker should last you at least 2-3 years with smooth functioning. Once you have managed to find the best Bluetooth speaker for yourself, you need to ensure you take good care of this speaker to increase its durability and lifespan. Here are a few tips on how you can care for your Bluetooth speaker.

Disconnecting practice
When disconnecting your laptop or phone, ensure you have first switched off the Bluetooth connectivity option before turning off your Bluetooth speaker. This ensures the next time you switch on your device; the Bluetooth connection doesn’t switch on immediately reducing the load on the battery.

Travel packaging
When traveling with your new Bluetooth speaker, ensure you have a waterproof and shock-proof case to store your device. This reduces the risk of damage by water spills or by falling. Travel pouch of good quality is generally expensive, be it for a mini Bluetooth speaker or a big one. Try and look for offers where you receive the travel pouch at a discount or completely free with your purchase.

Always store your equipment away from harsh sunlight or extremely cold weather. Never leave your Bluetooth speaker outside on the porch on a bright sunny day as this can lead to combustion of your device. Extreme weather can also cause the battery to leak and wiring to jam up causing issues with the audio output of the speaker even in the case of a mini Bluetooth speaker.When you are done using the Bluetooth speaker, store it in the travel pouch and keep it safely in your cupboard.

Device charging
Never use your Bluetooth speaker when it is charging. Always follow this rule for all your electronic devices as well. During charging, the electric current passes through the device and to the battery and while using the device, it can affect the battery and cause malfunctioning. Chances of being electrocuted are also high when using electronics during charging.

Always clean your speakers with a dry cloth to ensure no dust or dust mites make their way through the tiny holes of the speakers. Wet mud, as in the case of humid countries, tends to corrode the metal of the speakers, so ensure your speaker is cleaned every once in a while.

Fixing damaged parts
Never try to fix your Bluetooth speaker by yourself no matter what the YouTube videos tell you. Always make use of the warranty card and send the speaker to the service center to ensure your device is in professional hands. Trying to fix the speaker yourself will lead to further damage to the speaker causing the warranty to be nullified. In case your warranty has expired, check the rates of fixing your device at different service centers before sending your device to a service center.
Ensure you follow these simple tips to increase the durability of your Bluetooth speakers.