How to deal with children suffering from ADHD

How to deal with children suffering from ADHD

Child ADHD
As a parent, have you noticed that your kid is lacking attention and seems to be living in a world of his own? Did you also notice that your child often appear to be distracted and his answers are vague and not forthcoming? These are some of the common traits that a child experiences at some point of time and these symptoms usually go away as they age. However, if these symptoms persist and appear to get worse then consult your physician immediately as you child might have ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Let us look at it in depth.

Symptoms of ADHD in a child:
The symptoms of ADHD in kids may include
Constant motion
Interrupts others repeatedly
Gets easily distracted
Does not finish the activities he/she started
Talks in an unnatural way
Does not listen attentively

If you feel that your child is having these symptoms for a long duration, then it would be safe to get medical help. There is no specific diagnosis for child ADHD. However, your doctor or the psychiatrist can look at the work environment of the child and his behavior at school to judge the nature of the patterns.
The doctor can also take a medical exam of your child, and in some cases, can give him/her a non-invasive brain scan.

There are also many behavioral patterns that must be noted in the child and the reasons that have caused the change. These reasons can include despair from a sudden life change (like a divorce of a parent or a death of a parent), anxiety due to bullying, depression and bipolar disorders.

Types of ADHD in Children:
Combined type: Children can be inattentive, hyperactive and impulsive in behavior
Hyperactive: They are always hyperactive and can easily get excited
Inattentive: They are unable to concentrate or hold their attention on for a prolonged period

The treatment of ADHD predominantly depends on the help the child with ADHD gets in his/her childhood. This is more of a closed treatment where parents and family members have an equal role to play. There can be some drugs used for the medications, and these include Adderall, Concerta, Focalin, Ritalin, and Quillivant XR, which helps children focus their thoughts and ignore distractions. Some of them are for short durations, and others are for longer duration that has to be continued till the symptoms are brought under control. Your psychiatrist would be the best person to judge on this.

Also, children with ADHD would always require a safe environment and need all the support they can get from their peers and family. Constantly they have to be reminded that the family backs them and they have nothing to worry about. In most of the cases, these are as a result of a childhood trauma which the child would be unable to express in the physical term.