How to get the best deal on a last minute holiday

How to get the best deal on a last minute holiday

Impromptu plans are often the most fun, but going on last minute holidays are often not the most budget-friendly. There are many reasons why people may leave planning a holiday to the last minute; not getting leave from the office, not being financially able to commit to a holiday in the future etc. Thankfully, with the internet, you can still find last-minute bargains if you look hard enough. Here are a few tips on planning a last minute break.

Avoid peak travel periods
Air tickets are usually the most expensive on a Friday or Saturday since most people begin their holiday on a weekend. If you decide to start your holiday mid-week, you have a much higher chance of getting cheap tickets. In most cases, tickets are cheapest on a Tuesday morning. Also, red-eye flights are usually much cheaper than those in the middle of the day or in the evening.

Ignore promotions
It is easy to get taken in by promotional tickets but in today’s day, where tickets prices change on a daily basis, there is no base price that you can compare them to. Instead, pay close attention to what your ticket includes. Given how expensive in-flight meals are, it may be a good idea to buy tickets that include meals or snacks.

Look for combinations
If you’re planning on traveling overseas, try booking your flight and hotel stay together. In many cases, you may get a good deal on the hotel prices but if the flight tickets are expensive, it can overshadow your savings on the hotel. As with flights, pay attention to the services being included in your hotel rates. Rates that include your meals are often more reasonable as compared to eating at a restaurant every day.

Sign up for loyalty programs
When you sign up with flights, websites, and hotels, to become a part of their loyalty program, you get a number of exclusive offers and get preference over non-members when booking tickets and hotel stays. You may even get additional discounts on late deal holidays.

Go on social media
Airlines and hotels often put up great deals as part of an online promotion or offer last minute deals on their Twitter and other social media handles. There are a number of websites as well that put up spot offers on their social media accounts.

Buy refundable tickets
If you know the general time period when you want to take a holiday but can’t freeze on a date, buy an open ticket or a refundable ticket. These may seem a little more expensive as compared to non-refundable tickets but can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Enjoy a local holiday
Sometimes, all you need is a change of scene to enjoy a holiday. Instead of traveling to a new place, how about checking into a hotel in the outskirts of your city and exploring the nearby areas? Alternatively, you could be a tourist in your own city and discover something new.