Know How Oil Change Specials Help Lower Your Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Know How Oil Change Specials Help Lower Your Vehicle Maintenance Costs

Oil change is a must for your vehicle, whether it is an SUV, a sedan, a crossover or a truck. Moreover, you need to change filters and many other things during routine car maintenance. Oil change specials may come handy during these times.

You must change engine oil at regular intervals. The interval depends on how long you are driving, what kind of vehicle you are driving etc. It also depends on which engine oil you are using, the weather of the area you are living in etc.

You need to add fresh oil so that the lubrication and the cooling effect of the engine can be maintained. But you may also need to change the filters if they are overused. Together, oil change, filter change and other necessary elements of routine car maintenance, may add up to a significant cost for you. With the help of oil change specials, you can get a deal on routine maintenance including oil change.

Types of oil change offers

Oil change specials come in a variety of forms. You can get a fixed number of tire rotations and vehicle inspection along with oil change. You can also get filter changes along with oil change. Every oil change specials offer has a fixed price. You need to select one that you think is the best for you.

If your car has not had a filter change for a long time, then go for oil change specials that offer a filter change along with oil change. For a wholesome car tune-up, go for a multi-point check. There are various offers. You just need to select the most suitable one for you.

Where can you get oil change specials?

You can get oil change specials at car dealerships. Depending on the brand, make and model of your car, you can choose between authorized dealerships or custom garages. To save yourself the hassle of a drive around town, go to a garage’s website and see if they have any oil change specials offers going on.

A convenient method of finding oil change specials available from the major auto service brands in the country is online. There are even apps that feature special and exclusive discounts, rebates, concessions etc. which you can take advantage of. You can also go to the official websites of big brand auto service companies to find out what oil change specials are on offer right now.

Selecting the right oil for your car engine

Engine oils are different and so are their characteristics. You can get conventional engine oils, semi-synthetic engine oils and 100% synthetic engine oils. Each of these oils has a different characteristic and is designed for a different situation. They offer various levels of cooling and engine protection. With each engine oil, you are likely to have a different oil change interval, filter change, and maintenance schedule. Let us compare different engine oils and select the most suitable for your car or truck.

Conventional engine oils

Conventional engine oils offer standard corrosion protection and temperature control. However, they do now flow smoothly in cold climates. Moreover, such oils lose their viscosity early, necessitating a change within six months.

Semi-synthetic engine oils

These oils are produced by blending oils created through untreated mineral refining followed by chemical treatment.

Grade III synthetic oil

This kind of oil is produced by mineral refining and then treating the oil with chemicals.

100% synthetic oils

The best oils are the 100% synthetic oils. They are made of 100% synthetic molecules, unlike any of the other grades of oils. They flow easily in cold regions where other grades of oils may become viscous.

These oils also don’t need to be changed frequently unlike conventional oils. You can drive almost 2.5 times more without changing the synthetic oil. However, these are costly. You may be better off with oil change specials if you have decided to go for synthetic engine oil.

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