Popular Toys You Can Gift Your Child For Christmas
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Popular Toys You Can Gift Your Child For Christmas

The thrill of opening gifts on a Christmas morning will certainly force you to put some thought into the gifts you also plan to give your child. Since technology has now become a major part of everyone’s lives, it is only logical to buy kids’ electronics. Toys which can be fun as well as informative, especially if they come to life with stunning visuals and an interesting combination of mechanical movements.

Here are some of the popular kids’ electronics that are trending across all toy stores and online:

Galaxy Zega Battle Tanks: Boys will always love toys which have anything remotely to do with the military. What can be better than finding a bunch of tanks to turn your living room or bedroom into a battleground! But here is the best part, your smartphone can control these battle tanks. Now you might feel your child is already spending too much time with a smartphone, but instead of staring at the screen, simply allow your child to turn it into a console to maneuver and battle with your brilliant Christmas gift. These battle tanks cost no more than $150 and can be bought from the official Galaxy Zega website.

Star Wars Droid: If your child is a big fan of Star Wars, why not surprise him or her with this cool new kids’ electronics innovation. The BB-8 droid from the latest movie franchise comes to life with a stunning build quality and lifelike motions, all which can be controlled with your Android or iOS smartphone. The ability to maneuver 360 with its head floating, literally, holographic record messages and perform a few different activities will make you consider this beautiful gift for Christmas. Priced at $130 approx., this toy can be purchased from major online retailers.

Digital Microscope: When it comes to kids’ electronics, imitations of some of the real-life versions are very popular in the category. Of course, you may not want to give your child a very expensive microscope until he or she has proven that it can be handled responsibly, why not gift them a Dino-Lite Handheld microscope for the time being. A great way to learn and explore everything, at the same time proving to be an entertaining kids’ electronics alternative. With magnification up to 220X, the device can be plugged into your laptop or tablet or any USB output to explore with good clarity. You can get this for about $99 and also enjoy the joy of looking at your child open the gift and jump around with joy.

Robotic supercars: Cars have always fascinated everyone, regardless of age. This especially applies to kids’ who love and used to play slot cars in game studios. Robotic supercars are a more modernized version of kids’ electronics. These cars can again be controlled by your smartphone, and your child can race up to three more opponents even with the starter kit. Priced at just around $150, this robotic supercars kit can be bought online from Amazon, to make it the perfect engaging activity for Christmas day!

CogniToys talking dinosaur: A tiny colorful companion and nowadays also a trendy kids’ electronics alternative. This talking dinosaur can tell stories, play games with your child, make him or her laugh with a variety of jokes and also sing songs! For just a hundred bucks, your child can even get this dinosaur to spell words making it a nice learning tool as well. Not a bad way to spend money, considering you are getting so much for the price.

Other popular toys include Muttbot Robotics kit, Circuit Maze board game, Science museum inventor kit and more which can all be bought for less than $150.

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