Pros and cons of counter depth refrigerators
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Pros and cons of counter depth refrigerators

We all know how important refrigerators are in our daily lives. And given the importance, they are also gaining popularity in the interior decoration department. Architects are getting more requests for designing the kitchen in a way that it can accommodate a counter depth refrigerator. These refrigerators can make a kitchen look nicely made and aligned; however, there are pros and cons attached to them as well.

Before moving to the pros and cons, lets discuss what counter depths refrigerators are, how they are different from traditional refrigerators.

Counter depth refrigerators are ideally the ones that do not protrude and are in the same alignment as the cupboards next to it. But you will still find some of them protruding by an inch. They are still not the same as your standard refrigerators as the later are not meant to fit the size of your kitchen counter. Purpose, in the end, of both types is the same. That is, of storage, preserving, and cooling of food and drinks.

There are known benefits/pros of counter depth refrigerator:
– The alignment is the winning feature of every counter depth refrigerator. They are more in demand because of their blend-in purpose in the kitchen. It can make a kitchen look less clustered and more spacious.
– They might not be as deep as standard refrigerators, but the wider size covers up for the lost space inside.
– They are great substitute for an expensive built-in refrigerator.
– Because of the decreased depth, things inside the fridge are more accessible and you can get your hands on them with lot of ease without adjusting the things at the back, how you do in a traditional refrigerator.

Some disadvantages/cons of the same are:
– Yes, you do get the ease of putting in and taking things out of the refrigerator, but you face the need to make space for the entire refrigerator if your house (or kitchen) isn’t very spacious.
– You will face short drawers/compartments and crispers.
– The freezer compartment will be easier to access but will hold lesser stuff than a traditional refrigerator would hold.
– The cost of a counter depth refrigerator is higher than a traditional refrigerator.

Every problem has a solution and the pros and cons in the end depend on your needs and priorities. You can always work on the problem and read more about both the option before buying either one of them.