Reasons to buy a Ford Escape

Reasons to buy a Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is a best-seller for its sheer performance and aesthetic elegance as an SUV. But beyond the looks and the mere review of performance, the 2017 Ford Escape offers a lot more than a buyer mostly knows.

Engine: Ford has modified its V4 turbo-charge engine to produce out a horsepower close to 245 and torque of about 275 pound-feet. This, in turn, allows for a robust and quick acceleration to 60mph in just 6.5 seconds, and the six-speed transmission is a standard on all its trims. However, the buyer also has the choice of opting for a more compelling alternative the big and sturdy 2.0-liter eco-boost engine.

Driving Dynamics: Driving the Ford Escape gives full control in all terrains due to its sharp handling features which are easier than the vast handling of a typical SUV and is shorter-response driving like the hatchbacks. The driver has good grip in maneuvering across rough and hard trails as the Ford Escape has a level of off-roading capabilities attached to its ruggedness. The addition of the communicative steering system gives the driver an overall unique driving experience.

Built for the winter: The Ford Escape has the standard four-wheel drive option, but opting for the AWD system would be a smarter choice when your terrain included snow often. The AWD system is not only economically fuel efficient, but also has weather detections sensors that aid in severe weather conditions and give the driver the confidence to go through with the drive without fear. The SUV has a ground clearance of about eight inches.

Safety: Regarding security, the Ford Escape is equipped with a powerful braking system across all trims, alongside the blind spot mirrors for extra caution to drive with ease. Also, the adaptive cruise control, and forward collision alert and for all-around safety with the help of technology. The exclusive teen control feature is helpful for parents to keep tabs on their teen’s driving habits.

The Ford escape is designed for everyday comfort as well as road trips and is, therefore, a perfect fit for any time of the driver.

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