The Sony 4K Ultra HD review
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The Sony 4K Ultra HD review

With everything getting bigger, better, and smarter, why should your TV be left behind? If you are looking at 4K TVs, one you should definitely check out is Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TV. While all Sony TVs are great, we decided to narrow in our review on the Z9D. Here are some things you need to know.


Sony 4K TVs give bright and beautiful pictures. The High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Dolby Vision make sure that you do not miss any detail. The Backlight Master Drive uses backlight technology to give you vibrant colors, deep blacks, and brighter lights. What’s more? The TV comes with a very thin bezel outline near the screen that makes sure nothing can disturb you while you’re watching your favorite movie.

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Along with the beautiful 4K TV’s display, this Sony TV is also much smarter. Now you may browse through a huge number of movies, TV shows, and apps with the advanced voice control feature. You may also download your favorite apps from the Google Play Store as well as search videos on YouTube. You may stream whatever is going on, on your mobile handset onto the big screen with the built-in Chromecast. The TV is also a Netflix recommended TV.


Cinematic S-Force Front Surround sound emits a rich 3D sound, making you feel as though you are in the center of the action going on. The TV is also able to sample the speaker frequency, giving you a clearer sound.

Other things worth knowing

  • The TV has an IR Blaster which lets you control other devices like your set-top box at home
  • The Sony 4K HDR TV supports PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles, letting you enjoy HDR gaming
  • The TV has a hidden cable panel that makes it look sleeker


Here are the prices for this 4K TV’s model:

  • With a 64.5-inch screen, the TV will cost USD 4,499.00
  • With a 74.5-inch screen, the TV will cost USD 8,999.99
  • With a 99.5-inch screen, the TV will cost USD 59,999.99