The waverley lanes of Wyevale gardens

The waverley lanes of Wyevale gardens

There have been countless numbers of brands known for creating fabulous furniture for any part of the house, but little have we ever heard of a company, created in the year 1966, completely dedicated to the mystical world of garden. The story of this garden giant began decades before the general public noticed it. In 1932, a nursery developer, who was so in love with the greens and all the rainbow colors a garden to contain, he decided to make a legend of a company out of it.

Marked as one of the top 100 garden retailers in England, Wyevale has emerged as a pioneer as a go to place for anyone desiring to create a begonia in their homes. Comprising of a chain of more than 150 garden centers, Wyevale predominantly provides services related to installation and renovation of open spaces that has a potential to be converted into an oasis.

Making the option of having a garden or curating one as an affordable leisure was a prime word promised by this company to the market and it’s would be customers. From plants of all and any varieties, to garden supplies, to most importantly Wyevale garden furniture, the company’s official website gives allows us to get a peek into their world, build over decades of research, market analysis and trend setting by customers.

In the recent years, this conglomerate has highlighted a new trend which it saw growing not only in UK but all over the world. An outdoor space was until recently seen as a space to smell the flowers, feel the grass, sit on a chair, read a book and sip a warm cup of tea place. However, in the mid-1990s the tradition of having a garden kitchen sprang open its doors to the world. Hailing its practice and relevance from garden barbecues, brunches and the good old English picnic, garden kitchens became an untapped opportunity and an idea that would interest many. It was an idea which just was not emphasized enough in the social circle for everyone to think, ‘I should have one of these in my back yard!’

Moving the industry’s view point from the good old products to something the crowd demanded, in a major way changed the way a commoner perceives the amalgamation of the gardening and the furnishing industry.

Wyevale not only provides the necessities one needs to create a garden, it provides a bit more of what one can only imagine. It showcases a range of barbecues, fire pits, outdoor heaters, picnic benches, garden storage options and even garden games. From a bird’s eye view, it’s the go to and one stop place for anything and everything one needs in one garden.