Things to Consider Before Investing in a Home Audio System
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Things to Consider Before Investing in a Home Audio System

There is nothing like listening to music on a quality audio system. When you are in an amphitheater or a movie theater, you can literally feel every beat in the track and the experience is exhilarating, to say the least. Why not have the same experience at your home?
With the right budget and space, you can get the same experience at your house. Home audio systems come with high-end acoustics and bring HD sounds to your home. You can get one at the budget that is convenient for you. Here are some of the best home audio systems that You should invest in:

Sonos Play: 1

This is the best home audio system that comes at a great price. It is just a little bigger than a coffee can. It weighs about 4.1 pounds and is not a portable audio device.
You can sync it to your phone by downloading the app. Once you follow the instructions, in less than a few minutes you’ll be playing your favorite song and listening to it the way it should be heard. You can play music from Google Play Music, Spotify, and Prime Music. If you are looking for an easy and economical option, Sonos Play: 1 is the system to go for.

Yamaha YHT-390UBL

This speaker is optimized for a 4K Ultra HD and wireless streaming. The 5.1 channel setup has a package of four speakers and a powerful 100-watt subwoofer. The speakers have low-range technology that ensures an acoustic balance that ensures 100% efficiency.

Sony CMT-SBT100 Micro Music System

This home audio system is perfect for smaller places. It comes with both Bluetooth and NFC. It also has a CD player, a USB input, and AM/FM radio options. You can also stream music from your phone, laptop or tablet. It has 50 Watts of power, and the design of this speaker has a retro look that will make a perfect addition to your home.

Acoustic Audio High Definition Series HD 5.1

If you want to transform the inside of your home to a music den, then it can’t get better than this in-wall speaker. Easy to install in the room, it has four front rectangular speakers, two in-ceiling ones to give you the perfect listening experience. They are designed to blend into the room to give a simplistic effect. Fully made of white, they can even be painted to blend in with the decor of the room.

How to check if you have the right space for a home audio system

Buying a home audio system might seem like an exciting idea. But you need to place it right as well. The music should be audible throughout the room but not outside.
Here is everything you need to check when installing a home audio system.


This affects how the sound is carried through the room. Hard floors are reflective. They may result in echoes and other unwanted sounds. On the other hand, floors that are carpeted will absorb unwanted sounds.

Type of walls

A drywall is perfect for good acoustics. Wooden walls might generate vibrations. You can enhance the sound effect using acoustic treatments.

Speaker placement

Based on the room acoustics and the construction, you can place the speakers in two places. For better effect, use in-wall speakers. Otherwise, go for ceiling speakers. Find the spot that reflects the sound best.

A home audio system is a long-term investment. Maintain it well and keep it in use. This will keep the system in good shape. You can keep the same audio system for years to come. Go for good brands that are bound to stick around for years. This way you can even get it repaired if the need comes. You can brighten your day by starting off with some loud energizing music and also host parties with the right kind of acoustics.

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