Tips to store your artificial Christmas tree

Tips to store your artificial Christmas tree

People generally buy discount artificial Christmas trees as they are easy to store. After Christmas celebrations, one of the toughest jobs is to clean up the house of all the decorations and store it safely so that it can be used again next year. Your Christmas tree can be stored either fully assemble or disassembled.

Store a fully assembled artificial Christmas tree
One of the best ways to a store a Christmas tree is to keep it fully assembled. There are many types of Christmas trees and most of us buy discount artificial Christmas trees which are fake Christmas trees of various heights like miniature artificial Christmas trees, 5 foot artificial Christmas tree, 4 foot white Christmas tree, 5 foot white Christmas tree, mini white Christmas tree, spiral Christmas tree, etc. These are not that huge and can be stored as it is. But it is necessary to store them in such way that they are free from dirt, dust, and debris. Moreover, storing it this way will be less troublesome as you can keep the lights and some of the decoration on it. Usually, the artificial Christmas tree sale also has storage bags available. Just make sure that the bag is big enough to fit all the branches and decorations. If the tree is fuller, then it is advisable to get a larger bag.

Store a disassembled artificial Christmas tree
If the boxes are in good condition, then it is possible to disassemble your discount artificial Christmas trees and store it as they can protect it for years. There are other options like storage bins which can also be used if the boxes are not in good condition. Ideally, it is advisable to store big Christmas trees like 12 foot artificial Christmas tree, 7ft Xmas trees artificial, frosted Christmas tree, etc. in a disassembled manner. Unfluff the tree and compress the branches to save space while storing. Start with removing the top portion of the tree first. Then take apart the center section and finally lose the bolts of the tree to remove the bottom part of the tree. Put the parts in different boxes, and to preserve branches, first place them in a bag and then keep it in the box. Label the boxes accordingly so that you know which branches are to be assembled with which part of the tree.

Keep in mind that frosted, white, or flocked Christmas trees are sensitive to extreme climate and temperatures as well as humidity. It could discolor fast in hot or humid conditions. Keep those trees in low humidity storage conditions. Another great option is to use a climate controlled storage unit.

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