Top 5 work from home jobs to consider

Top 5 work from home jobs to consider

If rushing to the workplace every morning and working for a 9-hour shift isn’t something that you relish, then there are some better options to work from home. There has been a growing trend for work at home jobs and there’s also a wide range of job opportunities to choose from. To work from home, all you need is a personal computer or laptop, basic skills, and the will to do the work.

Although, from online tutoring to typists, there is work from home jobs that offer you a good amount of work and money. But amongst others, the top 5 most popular work from home jobs that you can consider are a virtual assistant, web developer, transcriptionist, freelance writer/editor, search engine evaluator. The work at home jobs offers you anything between $10 to $25 per hour.

Read on find out top 5 work from home jobs and choose that suits your preferences.

A transcriptionist is required to listen to audio files and type the same to make a report or copy. Companies recruit transcriptionists without any prior experience as this involves basic skills and typing abilities. If you’re taking up the job of a transcriptionist, then you’ll have a number of things to do right from transcribing lectures, medical reports, to name a few. Most of the companies allow you to take up your own schedule as a transcriptionist.

Customer Service Representative
This is one of the most popular work at home jobs. If you have excellent speaking skills and a good foothold on computer knowledge, then you can take up the job as a customer service representative. This job involves everything right from placing an order to resolving a conflict. You can choose from both full- and part-time job opportunities. It is better to understand the work timings before you take the job, as this may require you to devote a few hours of time at a stretch.

Virtual Assistant
Many companies hire virtual assistants, which helps save them a lot of employment costs. As a virtual assistant, you are required to perform a number of work from home duties that include replying to emails, handling calendars and appointments, data entry tasks, social media assistance, to name a few. This is a more challenging work from home jobs as compared to others. So, if you’re ready to take up more responsibilities while working at home, then this can be a suitable option.

Survey Taker
If you’re looking to earn handsome money while working from home, then survey taker is amongst a few of such job opportunities. All you need to do is take up an opinion poll, answer a few questions on shopping malls, fashion trends, etc.

Online Teacher
If teaching is your passion, then take it a step ahead and work from home as an online tutor. You can conduct lectures through Skype or upload prerecorded videos on YouTube. Take up a subject that you’re good at and earn work at home jobs as an online teacher.