Top differences in the American and English pool game

Top differences in the American and English pool game

It is a universally accepted fact that both English and American cultures are very different from one another. The variations are not only in the language, mannerism or humor but also in the way they both play their games. Cue sports that primarily entail Billiard, Pool and Snooker are games that all look outstandingly similar. There are, however, major differences in the way they are played. These differences may be stark or subtle yet they do not really make one game better than the other. Despite their variations, they are all great fun. If you are interested to find out the difference in the American and English way of playing pool, look no further. Let us walk you through some of the broad differences in the game play.

It is remarkable how different kinds of balls change the ball game altogether. In the English Pool, balls come in a set of two reds and yellows. There is a single black ball or 8 ball that allows you to play the standard English 8-ball pool. Here, every player is allotted a color and everyone aims to pot the black ball. The American pool, however, replaces the reds and yellows to use stripes and spots in their balls. The game play essentially remains the same.

If your introduction to pool was at a pub or a bar, you are exposed to the English Pool Tables! English tables maybe familiar to play on yet pocketing can be slightly challenging owing to the curved pocket styles. Playing on English pools can enhance your skills and increase your chances of getting to the next level a lot faster! English pool tables are smaller than their American counterparts thereby making the entry point easier. American Pool tables are commonly found in Pool Halls and are easier to learn on as they have larger pockets. The table top has a smoother cloth that facilitates a faster game play. Apart from being easier and faster American tables are aesthetically more appealing. They come in mind blowing designs and make any room look magnificent with their elegant presence.

Another distinct characteristic that makes American and English Pool poles apart is the cloth style. The cloth not only gives the table an exceptionally different physical attribute, it actually majorly changes the entire game play! If you happen to lay your fingers over the American table top and look a little closely, you would actually see the weave of the cloth! English cloth evidently is coarser and has a furry, velvet like feel.

Now that you know the basic differences you could choose the table and style that suits you best. Since both the games have their own uniqueness, picking either one would assure you an awesome time!

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