Top reasons why you should buy a Fire tablet

Top reasons why you should buy a Fire tablet

Amazon recently launched its amazing tablet, Fire, which starts at a low price point of $50. It has already taken the tech-world by storm. It can be called a game-changer as the tech-savvy crowd has already fallen for the tablet. The new version of the Fire tablet has a larger screen and a memory expansion slot for a very low price. There are a number of reasons why you should invest in the new Amazon Fire tablet. Here are a few to consider.

It’s cheap
As compared to its competitors Amazon Fire is available at just $50. And this cost-effective feature makes it financially accessible for all kinds of users. You can use this all-purpose tablet the way you want. It’s perfect for gifting to the kids who are rough with their possessions. The rugged built will ensure that the device is protected under any circumstances.

Micro SD expansion
All the new Fire tablets from Amazon come with a Micro SD expansion facility. You can buy the memory card for the extension you need and use your device without any limitations. Empowered with an Android platform, this expandable micro SD feature is extremely useful, as consumers can download a vast variety of apps.

Amazon goodies
Several people have a misconception that the entry-level Amazon Fire may not have a complete access to all relevant apps. This is not true, you get all applications regardless of the fact that you buy an entry-level or the high-end Fire tablet. Some of these attractive applications include Amazon underground which gives you access to numerous games, applications and in-games extras. Mayday Screen Sharing is the free on-device technical support option.

Easy to use
Those who have never been a fan of Amazon’s modified version of the operating system can rejoice. With the present device, Amazon Fire tablet has the carousel approach which lets you find all that you want. There is a huge bulk of applications to ease your life. Moreover, you can swipe the home screen from the right to access to all the recently used applications.

Amazing features at low price
Some people are not satisfied with the low screen resolution and the rear camera of the Fire tablet. But you should also consider the price at which you can get this device. The resolution of the screen is much closer to that of high-end models. The 7 inch screen is simply fantastic with crisp display and bright colors. It can be concluded that if you buy the Fire tablet, you will never regret your decision.