What makes the LG Destiny a good phone

What makes the LG Destiny a good phone

The LG Destiny has been criticized time and again for its continued presence in the market, even though it does not boast of features that the latest smartphones do. What nobody realizes is that it uses the TracFone feature that allows easy access to the phone without any contract. It is not that bad as a smartphone, and actual buyers have given it good reviews due to its utility and the value for money that it has to offer. However, many users have still preferred the LG V20, LG G5, and LG G5 H830 over the LG Destiny for varied reasons.

Although the LG Destiny is a modest handset, it is nothing less than the competitors in that price segment. Also known as the LG L21G, this smartphone comes with GPS, radio, voice recorder, etc. to make life simpler. You can also make a conference call using this phone or put it in flight mode, should the need arise. You do not get any color options in the LG Destiny, but the gray color itself defines it as a statement piece. Sending SMS and MMS is a piece of cake with the TracFone wireless network that works as a boon for businessmen.

The LG Destiny also allows you simultaneously to take shots while a video is being recorded so that no important moment gets left out. The feature that facilitates taking multiple shots at the same time can be used in sync with the timer for capturing the perfect moment. To top it all, the location where all the pictures were taken and videos were recorded can also be determined via Geotagging. The phone also helps in connecting with the Windows Media Player for playing songs from the handset on the laptop or personal computer.

The LG V20 is better in the sense that the front camera has a 120-degree wide lens that assists in accommodating more number of people in the picture. Moreover, the LG V20 is backed by Android Nougat, which also defines its high price and makes appropriate for the premium category. Similarly, the LG G5 is another replacement of the LG Destiny that is characterized by a slide-out battery which breaks the phone into two pieces quite literally. However, the LG G5 is also one expensive model that will make you pay around $650 for owning it. It is available in two splendid colors where the LG G5 H830 is the gold variant, while the RS 988 is the silver variant.

Therefore, if you are planning to shift from the LG Destiny handset and move on to the LG V20, LG G5, or LG G5 H830 in particular, be prepared to experience a transformational change both in terms of specifications and price.