Why Sega is the popular choice for game console
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Why Sega is the popular choice for game console

The history of Sega dates back to 1940. Sega was originally known as the Service Games. Service Games made slot machines and jukeboxes and trade them to American Military. Service Games relocated to Tokyo in 1951. In 1965, Service Games merged with Rosen Enterprises and rechristened as Sega.

The first major international breakthrough for Sega was an arcade cabinet game known as Periscope, a submarine game with the gamer looking through a periscope to shoot ships. Unique sound and light systems were used in Periscope. The Arcade Boom began in the late 1970s, and the company expanded. This was a profitable period for Sega. Sega was the first one to use laser disc technology during the “early 80s” called “arcade Astronbelt.”

Since Sega game console is designed by Japanese, the target audience has always been Japanese and it did well in Japan. Sega Saturn game console was launched in November 1994 in Japan became very popular in Japan. It is a 32-bit fifth generation home game console with five packed-in games:
– Sega Virtua Fighter
– Sega/Micronet’s WanChai Connection: Adventure game developed by Micronet and issued by Sega
– Time Warner Interactive’s Tama
– Electronic Arts Victor’s Mahjong Goku Tenjiku
– Sunsoft’s port of Myst

Sega Saturn game console sold one million units by early 1996. Sega’s sales were doing well in North America and Europe. With the release of Sega Dreamcast console, Sega Saturn game console ceased to exist in Europe and the US.

Sega Dreamcast console succeeded Sega Saturn game console in the game world in 1998. It is a sixth generation game console. A 128-bit, designed to leapfrog “32-bit” and “64-bit” is the special feature of Sega Dreamcast console. Game console pundits termed it as ahead of times. A strong video game console. Features of Sega Saturn game console and Nintendo 64 was used in Sega Dreamcast console. Backwards compatibility was absent. Sega Dreamcast console was the first home video game console to have a built-in 56k modem. This allowed the system to connect to the Internet. Some of the games made for Sega Dreamcast console had online play facility. Sega sports lineup (now under ESPN label) and Phantasy star online were the popular games. Sega Dreamcast console is the first Internet-based home game console.

In 1988, Sega envisages a cartridge-based console namely Sega Mega Drive in Japan and called as Sega Genesis in North America. It is the most successful game console of Sega. Sega Genesis Classic has about 80 games in it. It is an integrated cartridge port to play Mega Drive Classics and Sega Mega Drive. Two wireless controllers and legacy controller port are included. To conclude, since its inception, Sega game console has evolved in leaps and bounds.