Why the electric kettle makes perfect sense?
Electric Kettle

Why the electric kettle makes perfect sense?

A lot has been said and written about Americans and electric kettles. Yes, it is a fact that most American households do not have electric kettles. How do we survive then? Well, we use kettles on gas tops! Electric kettle is a rarity in America as the water takes longer to boil on electricity than gas. Why is that? It all boils down to the voltage difference. However, fair and genuine this reason may be, people from across the world are not convinced. This is simply because electric kettles are an indispensable part of most British and Asian households! It’s true electric kettles enjoy mass appeal across the other half of the globe. People go gaga over these literally power packed pots and here’s why.

One of the primary reasons why kettles or hot pots are so popular is because they save on lots of time and time they say is money. Efficient, quick and compact electric kettles have sundry qualities to boast about. It is the sheer convenience and ease kettles working on electricity offers, that makes them supremely popular. They are a boon for most tea drinking nations as boiling water becomes just a button away.

This is not it. It works wonders for people who do not have access to kitchen supplies or the kitchen itself! Students and working professionals who are living away from the comforts of their homes, often find great utility in these electric hot pots that enable them to quickly boil a wide variety of easy to make food items. Electric kettle may not cook like traditional stoves and hot plates but they can surely do some eggs, potatoes, milk, soups, oatmeal, boiled veggies and noodles in seconds! The best part is that you can even multitask while your food gets boiled and cooled, all on its own. Automatic turn off buttons enable one to step away and go about one’s errands. Electric kettles are hugely popular among students living in hostels who find mess food difficult to gulp down!

Not just students, even the hospitality industry seems to be a fan! All European hotel rooms for instance come with a table stocked with sachets of tea and coffee and of course, an electric kettle!

Travelers who find a tough time adjusting to the local taste, find electric kettles a great help. People on tours can easily make prepackaged meals, cup noodles and other quick meals to keep up their energy levels.

Owing to its umpteen advantages, electric kettle’s heroism and glory, is totally understandable.